Behind The Scenes


Co-Founder & Creator of Academy Film Festival Network

With over 25 years of film/TV experience Art Smith has a passion for the entertainment industry. He founded No Budget Movie Company as a production company where he coached new screenwriters and helped them to produce their budget-challenged films. He can credit teaching and mentoring over 300 individuals currently working in the television or film industry. Currently he is working on developing “Reality” TV shows and feature films.

Art’s credits: “Standing Ovation”, “Mysterious”, “Survivor Island”, “The Session,” “Misguided,” “Three,”,” “Mother’s Day,” “Ocean City,” “Who Goes There?,” “Didn’t Say Goodbye,” Worked on “Super Mario Brothers,” “Good Morning Vietnam,” “Causalities of War,” “Soldier Boy’s,” “Angel Heart,” “Snake Eyes,” “Devil’s Own,” “Sweet Liberty,” “Anger Management,” and more. He has worked on films shot around the world and provided strategic consulting services where accuracy of information was paramount.

He is a member of American Film Institute, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences TV, Independent Feature Project, Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers, Audio Engineering Society, NAPTE, and the National Assoc. of Broadcasters. Serves on the Board of Directors of Women in Film/TV Florida.


Co-Founder & Creator of Academy Film Festival Network

Diane’s passion is filming around the world and working with diverse populations. With a zest for travel and the challenge of distant locations, her film producing has taken her to Africa, Thailand, Canada, Nassau, Puerto Rico, England, and throughout the US. Diane is an independent film producer with 20 years of experience.

She has credits on films that have aired on ABC and NBC as well as digital platforms including Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Showtime, Disney and Hulu. Diane takes films from concept to worldwide distribution overseeing all areas of film production in addition to fund-sourcing and after-market management.

Her film The New Swiss Family Robinson placed number in the network time slot. Tammy and the T-Rex produced by Diane was the official selection at the Fantastic Fest and Indie Fest with 100% on the tomato meter. She is a keynote speaker, lecturer, and co-founder of the global production company Code 7 Films.

In 2020 Diane was awarded the Muse award from Women in Film FL for mentoring new filmmakers.